LD Series mobile robots


Omron’s LD Series Mobile Robots are self-navigating Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIV), designed to transform manufacturing and logistics.

Suitable for a range of indoor applications including the food sector, they are flexible transport systems equipped with proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with ability to autonomously transport materials to a target location while calculating the optimal route and avoiding humans and obstacles.

Unlike traditional Autonomously Guided Vehicles (AGVs), LD Mobile robots require no facility modifications such as beacons or floor magnets. Using localization sensors together with a reliable drive system, it can detect and overcome obstacles thus increasing throughput, reduce deployments costs and machine dwell time.

The robot features robust navigation with acuity, allowing an additional localization to the onboard laser sensor making them ideal to self-navigate in dynamic environments. In response to a new obstacle, they autonomously chart a new route by identifying overhead lights (unlikely to change) and overlaying this ‘light map’ with the ‘floor map’ previously determined, for more accurate navigation.

Now with LD series, it is possible for a fleet of 100 units to work collaboratively with other and humans, with the use of enterprise manager complying with safety standards. This fleet management software provides traceability, job allocation and also traffic control. Each LD can support a structural payload of up to 130 kg on level surface and has an on-board power supply with a runtime of up to 19 hours a day. Depending on the application the robot can be customized, with a cart transporter it can achieve a maximum speed of 900 mm/s.

These robots are ideally suited for a wide range of indoor environments, including manufacturing and logistics facilities for automotive, electronics, foods and pharmaceuticals industries.

Omron will be at foodpro – stand S4. Attendees are encouraged to visit the stand to discuss how these robust mobile robot can improve  their sites’ productivity, and boost operational efficiency through their 24/7 round-the-clock operations.