Measuring volume of products

The Volscan Profiler from Arrow Scientific is a benchtop, laser-based instrument which allows manufacturers to measure the volume of a product, be it bread to biscuits or fruit.

For example, bread manufacturers subject each batch of flour to test baking to ensure that all bread is made to a uniformly high quality. Insufficient loaf volume at the test stage indicates either very weak or very strong flour, or an imbalance of enzyme activity. Higher volume tends to be associated with more aerated crumb and superior texture and consumers believe they are getting more for their money.

With the Volscan Profiler, bread manufacturers have a non-contact method, the results of which can be obtained rapidly and accurately.

The test sample is easily located at each end onto the mounting device. The item is then automatically weighed and an eye-safe laser device scans vertically to measure its contours at selectable intervals whilst it rotates. This assessment can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending upon the chosen interval and the preferred precision.

Once the test is complete the following measurements can be quickly determined: bread volume, length, maximum width, maximum height, height of the maximum width and width of the maximum height.

These numbers are then further manipulated to automatically calculate and display the volume yield of the bread based on the total weight and the volume yield of the bread based on the weight of the flour used (Volume/100g flour).

All measurement data is saved in spreadsheet files for easy access and analysis. The scanned data can be viewed in both 2D and 3D representations to allow comparisons with previous archived measurements.

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