Noshok 800 Series temperature transmitter from AMS

The NOSHOK 800 Series Platinum Resistance Temperature Transmitter from AMS Instrumentation & Calibration is ideal for immediate, accurate temperature measurement in applications such as water systems, storage tanks, industrial machinery and machine tools, HVAC systems, and refrigeration systems.

Features of the NOSHOK 800 Series include:

• Proven 100 Ohm platinum resistance sensor provides reliability, stability and unbeatable performance
• Economical price, quick response time
• Standard temperature ranges from -40°F to 1,000°F
• Wide variety of temperature ranges and connections
• Optional USB programmable output available
• 316 stainless steel housing for corrosion resistance, durability
• Burnout protected from 3.3 mA to 23 mA

The NOSHOK 800 Series Temperature Transmitter is also available with the AMS 1800 Series Attachable Loop Digital Indicator for convenient local temperature indication.

The attachable digital indicator utilises the transmitter’s 4 mA to 20 mA output signal and the Hirschmann connector and is simply inserted between the transmitter body and the connector without the need for additional wiring or power source.

The indicator is programmable to display a range of -1999 to 9999 and may be tilted for better viewing. It is also now available with an optional relay that is programmable through the front of the meter.

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