Pepsi Max Vanilla

Pepsi Max Vanilla can

PepsiCo has introduced a new flavour to the Pepsi Max range, offering Australians a twist on no sugar cola.

Pepsi Max Vanilla is on shelves now and offers consumers a blend of the taste of Pepsi Max with a hint of vanilla, whilst maintaining its signature, ‘no sugar’ offering.

The new variant joins past flavours, including Pepsi Max Lime which proved successful in Australia in 2016, and has been developed to bring a new kind of vanilla flavour experience to consumers.

According to Brad Van Dijk, PepsiCo Senior Director ANZ Beverages, Pepsi Max Vanilla is set to challenge traditional perceptions of vanilla, surprise and delight its current brand fans, and convert others.

“Vanilla is one of the world’s most loved and commonly used flavours, and so we’ve ingeniously “maxed” this, bringing consumers a new burst of smooth vanilla flavour, which is anything but boring.

“Pepsi Max Vanilla represents our ambition to deliver flavour experiences without sugar to the cola category and we’re confident that our version of vanilla will be a huge hit with Australian consumers.”

The beverage can be purchased at independent and major retailers across the country.