Rhino FTL machine film from AWS

Strong, tough and cost effective, the Rhino FTL machine pallet wrap is a great low cost alternative for pallet wrapping on a budget.

Manufactured for great stretch and guaranteed performance on any force-to-load pallet wrapping machines, the Rhino FTL pallet wrap will resist punctures and cling tightly to secure pallets and reduce movement.

FTL Machine pallet wrap will also prevent product contamination by guarding against water, dust and liquids.

Each roll of Rhino FTL Machine pallet film is individually boxed to protect it from general wear and tear during transit and whilst in storage.


Strong, tough and cost effective pallet wrap

Low cost pallet wrap for users on a budget

Ideal for force-to-load pallet wrapping machines

High puncture resistance

Rhino FTL pallet wrap guards against product contamination

Each roll is individually boxed to prevent wear and tear

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