Solae introduces hydrolysed soy protein ingredient

Solae’s new hydrolysed soy protein ingredient–HVF 56 (hydrolysed vegetable flavouring) is recommended for whole muscle meat applications such as hams, roast beef, corned beef and turkey breast.

According to Solae, HVF 56 can help improve cooking yields through increased penetration rates and inclusion levels, while maintaining flavour and texture.

HVF 56 is characterized by its neutral and clean flavour. The product, which is highly soluble and penetrates deep into whole muscle, helps to retain juiciness and increase yields in finished products while maintaining original appearance.

According to tests conducted by Solae, the injection of one per cent HVF 56 into pork loins generated a six per cent yield advantage over the controls that contained injected water, phosphate and salt.

HVF 56 can be used in addition to other functional ingredients such as isolated soy proteins or functional soy protein concentrates.

In addition to increasing cooking yield, reducing formula costs, and improving juiciness, Solae’s HVF offerings also increase heat and re-heat tolerance.

HVF products can also help replace some meat and function as a binder.

While, HVF 56 is Solae’s latest innovation, three other HVF varieties are also available: HVF 39, HVF 50 and HVF 53.

Solae’s HVF varieties are available from the US. 

For information about Solae’s HVF products please contact: +1-800-325-7108

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