TC65 portable dry block temperature calibrator

IKM Instrutek has introduced its new calibrator with touch display and a calibration interval up to three years. One of the important goals of developing a new product was to meet the market requirements to save cost by extending the calibration interval. With a contemporary design, it is developed to meet the toughest demands of environments.

The unit is compact and robust designed for marine, industrial and laboratory use, approved according to DNVGL-CG-0339:2019(parts of). This is to ensure that users are be able to calibrate a vast range of temperature sensors, thermometers and temperature switches/thermostats.

The dry block principle excludes the use of oil or other liquids. A dry block insert with various diameters ensure thermal contact to the sensor being tested. Simply place the sensor to be calibrated in the calibrator. Set the temperature. When stabilisation occurs, read the true temperature from the calibrator and re-calibrate the sensor or system accordingly. Easy to use and read with the brand new touch display.