Xavis X-ray inspection for food industry

FSCAN-2500PHAC Bottle Inspection Scan

The Xavis FSCAN series of X-Ray inspection systems offer an affordable high speed and high performance in-line inspection for detecting foreign materials that may have been introduced during the production process.

Each system can automatically detect undesirable contaminants such as metal, stone, ceramic, glass or plastic with high density. FSCAN can detect missing or broken product, leakage, seal integrity and fill level – as standard via the easy to operate software.

The FSCAN has Integrated network compatibility, allowing remote access by the production supervisor to monitor the line or by technicians for quick error diagnosis and support. This helps to reduce unnecessary travel costs for minor software related issues such as product setup.

The intuitive user interface allows for quick and easy setup of products without requiring special training or previous X-ray knowledge. Once a product is setup it is stored in the product library for easy recall, minimising downtime during product change-overs.

FSCAN is equipped with an automatic memory function that will record each image in a secure database that can be analysed after, or whilst the system is inspecting, to determine the defect. All inspection data is embedded with a time/date stamp for secure traceability.

Designed for wet area use, the hygienic design of the FSCAN makes cleaning an effortless task. All components are designed to have quick release mechanisms for easy disassembly during cleaning to minimum downtime on your production line. There are various rejection methods available on request. Xavis supply a full range of X-Ray inspection systems for the entire food industry.