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Pure Origin Grand Cru from Nespresso

Inspired by the rich and vibrant coffee culture of Brazil, Nespresso introduces Cafezinho do Brasil as a Limited Edition Pure Origin Grand Cru.

In Brazil, coffee is deeply ingrained within everyday life, whether this is a warm welcome from a stranger, a catch-up with friends at a local café or a business meeting. Meaning ‘small coffee’ in Brazilian Portuguese, ‘cafezinho’ also represents a welcoming gesture made upon entering a home, to facilitate conversations and forge new connections.

To develop an espresso that captures the essence of cafezinho, Nespresso experts worked closely with Brazilian locals to discover the true cafezinho flavours and aromas. Local farmers discussed their current practices and demonstrated a specific Arabica harvesting technique to strip only the ripe beans without letting them come into contact with any earth to retain the particular flavour needed for Cafezinho do Brasil.

Boasting an intensity level of 9, Cafezinho do Brasil has been designed to reflect the sensorial qualities of a Brazilian cafezinho, merging unexpected hints of walnut and sandalwood aroma, with unusual herbal notes reminiscent of thyme or rosemary.

Best enjoyed as an espresso of 40ml, Cafezinho do Brasil can also be prepared as a long black, by adding 125ml of hot water to the espresso to create a sweet, round coffee that retains the woody and herbal aromatic notes of the Grand Cru.

Cafezinho do Brasil also pairs well with milk. Extracted as a ristretto of 30ml and enjoyed as a cappuccino, Cafezinho do Brasil develops salty, bitter and toasted notes reminiscent of roasted peanuts. Combined with smooth milk froth to create a latte macchiato, Cafezinho do Brasil brings out sweet, round walnut notes and a light smoky aftertaste.

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