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RAUCH juice

Product name: RAUCH

Product manufacturer: Rauch Group

Ingredients: (RAUCH ACE juice ingredients) Minimum 30% Orange, Carrot, Lemon Juice, citric acid, aroma, Vitamins (C, E) and provitamin A.

Shelf life: The estimated shelf life for Rauch is from 8 to 11 months depending on the flavour and production date. However, when opened the juice opened / seal broken – it' like any perishable product.

Packaging: 200 ml glass bottle OR 1L Tetra pack

Product manager: Bruno Fine Foods & Distribution

Brand website: www.rauch.cc/

What the company says
RAUCH has recently launched 200ml glass range of premium juice and nectars in the Australian market. A majority of the juices are 100 percent fruit with no added sugar, RAUCH aims to offer as many varieties as possible. Every RAUCH bottle with a 100 percent seal indicates that there is 100 percent fruit in the bottle, nothing else.

RAUCH juice is currently available in Pineapple, Apple, Orange, ACE (orange, carrot and lemon), Strawberry and Tomato. The nectar variety includes Apricot, Pear and Peach. The refreshing taste of RAUCH will satisfy fruity cravings and serves as the perfect base for both mocktails and cocktails.

RAUCH offers a family of beverages, the fruits are picked at their most vital stage ensuring that the juices are packed with vitamins and mineral nutrients. Founded in 1919, RAUCH is an Austrian family business and one of the leading juice companies in Europe, satisfying the thirst for fruit in over 100 countries. The success of RAUCH relies on extensive quality control, respecting the most important asset – the fruit. RAUCH is one of the few enterprises that carry out the entire processing from the fruit to the packaging, which positions them as global leaders in the competitive fruit juice industry.

From nature, for people – RAUCH products stand for healthy enjoyment and refreshment. RAUCH 200ml glass juices and nectars is available selected cafes and retail outlets.


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