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Rawbles by Rawsome

Product name: Rawbles

Product manufacturer: Rawsome

Ingredients: Each Rawble varies: can include almonds, cashews, coconut, dates, agave, cacao, coconut oil, pistachio, cherries, rose essence, macadamia, lemon essence, lemons, orange essence, oranges, nibs, cacao butter, raspberry, figs, rose essence, walnuts

Shelf life: 4-6 weeks

Packaging: Packaged in dozens in cardboard

Product manager: Laila Gampfer

Brand website: www.rawsome.me

What the company says
The rawbles range – raw balls – features five different types, all named after women:

  • Rosie: inspired by traditional Turkish delight, it features pistachio nuts and rose flavours.
  • Florence: with a Greek-Mediterranean feel, the rawble has a fresh flavour with a hint of fig and fennel.
  • Jemima: described by the Rawsome team as “just divine”, it is an ideal combination of zesty orange and chocolate.
  • Wanda: has the decadent taste of raw white chocolate and raspberry rolled in a coating of coconut and raspberry dust.
  • Lola: lemon and macadamia come together to give tastes reminiscent of limoncello, Bounty chocolate and lemon pie.
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