Rocks Brewing releases Nectarine Wit Bier

Rocks Brewing has released a new beer, namely the Conviction Series Seasonal Nectarine Wit Bier.

Originally made in Belgium’s regional areas, Witbier is believed to date back to the 1400s. The soil in these areas was rich and agrarianism was strong with farmers growing crops of barley, wheat and oats, all of which were used to brew traditional Witbiers.

This style of beer is readily open to interpretation and the company has gone to work on crafting an intriguing new take on this historical beer.

A traditional Belgium Witbier is brewed using at least 50 per cent wheat and often oats in the grist. Utilising state of the art mash filter, this new Nectarine Witbier is brewed using 75 per cent wheat, along with oats that lend the beer a beautiful creamy texture and dry finish.

Straying from tradition and adding to the intrigue and complexity of the beer, fresh nectarines have been added throughout the brewing process along with a selection of spices including coriander, ginger & all spice. As a result, this brew is a fruity, tart, spicy, light and intricate thirst quencher.

This beer is a live ale with yeast and fruit present in the cask, the beer will evolve over time heading from fresh and fruity to a more tart almost sour and funky beer, a beer that is ever refreshing yet keeps the drinker thinking and engaged.

Appearance: Pale straw with an almost milky haze and a tight white head.

Aroma: A clove and star anise style spice with sweet nectarine lingering.

Flavour: Initial nectarine sweetness finishing dry and tart.

Alcohol: 4.4 per cent abv

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