Rosella now back on the table with renewed market share

Two years after nearly dropping to less than two per cent of the sauce market, Australia’s oldest sauce brand is on track to increase market share.

2015 marks the 120th anniversary since two men founded the business in a backyard in Carlton, using glass jars to preserve fruits and vegetables throughout its history.

In its 120th year, executive chairman Dan Presser says that Australian families trust and love the brand to ensure that everything is made with the very best quality and the most wholesome ingredients.

Speaking to Food Magazine, Presser said “Australia in the past 40 years has become a far more multicultural country with food and taste influences brought over and integrated into our diets through each wave of new Australians. This has certainly been a large influencer on our tastes.”

Reflecting on the challenges faced as an Australian and family-owned company, Presser believed that Australian consumers had become more discerning in relation to where they spent their money as the range of choices broadens.

Rosella Tomato Sauce or Tomato Soup is essentially timeless: the ingredients put into the products have stayed the same, but the method in which the product is delivered is always set to change –predominantly through supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores.’

Returning the brand to its founding mission of using quality local ingredients was one of the first commitments Presser followed through on when family owned company Sabrands purchased Rosella in 2013.

Sabrands is no newcomer to marketing against bigger brands as it already produced Sunraysia and Devondale juice brands before its latest purchase.

Rosella was founded in the late 1800s, with a mission to only use the best of ingredients. It’s about going back to basics, Presser says.

By addressing the key challenge of competing with large multinational companies that have larger financing capabilities with their parent companies in the US, Rosella will attempt to keep up with the current hyper competitive retail environment. 

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