S-26 formula given all-clear

A batch of S-26 baby formula has been given the all-clear after a Sydney woman discovered a dead lizard in her tin.

Aspen Nutritionals has received the test results for a batch of S-26 Original Progress baby formula, with a report from the manufacturing plant stating that the batch is “wholesome and passed all chemical, physical, microbiological (including pathogens) and sensory specifications at the time it was released into the market,” a statement from Aspen reads.

The product, it confirms, is safe for consumption.

A Sydney woman discovered a dead lizard in her tin of S-26 earlier this month, and the NSW Food Authority has confirmed that a herpetologist (expert in reptiles) identified the lizard as a common house gecko, which can be found throughout Asia and also in Australia.

“Aspen Nutritionals cannot determine conclusively how and where the lizard entered the can. We have only received one complaint of this nature for this batch and believe this is an isolated incident,” the statement reads.

The batch of formula was voluntarily recalled after the lizard was discovered.


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