SABMiller could save AUS$11.8m per year from lighter bottle top

SABMiller, the firm looking to takeover the Foster’s Group, claim they could make an annual saving of US$12.6m (AUS$11.8m) by converting to a new lighter bottle top.

The cap was developed by Backus, a Peruvian subsidiary of SABMiller, and Packaging Product Peru.

SABMiller have said that it is a low-gauge bottle top, which uses less steel in production, slashing both raw material cost as well as CO2 emissions.

Taking into account both their bottled larger and carbonated soft drinks, SABMiller annually produce something in the region of 42 billion bottle tops, totalling a weight of about 100,000 tonnes.

Should the new bottle top be round out around globally, the firm expects an overall decrease in steel use of 10 percent. 

The company has designed the cap using 0.17mm steel rather than the standard 0.22mm thickness and finished with an embossed ring around the bottle lip, which prevents leakage from “spring back”. 

SABMiller say the standard cap weights about 2.38 grams, while the new cap is 2.14 grams. This means that each pallet of bottles using the low-gauge cap will be 360 grams less, than standard capped bottles. 

SABMiller is expecting to roll out the new bottle top across Peru and Ecuador during the second half of next year. 


Image courtesy of https://brewgadgets.com

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