Safety solutions ensure safe movement of high racks

The Czech partner KREDIT manufactures mobile high-bay shelving systems and sells these all over the world. Its customers store a wide variety of goods in the shelves, from paper rolls to icecream, from automotive spare parts to frozen foods. To provide protection as these racks weighing several tons move about in a warehouse, and also to detect any feet and manned forklift trucks, the company set out to find a competent logistics automation partner. The intralogistics applications from SICK offer a suitable solution for this company’s needs.

Safe passage

The continuously reconfiguring aisles are protected by a deTem2 Core multiple light beam safety device. It comes in different versions with shorter or longer sensing ranges to suit the size of the warehouse. Typically, a device with a sensing range of up to 90 m is installed so that larger aisles can also be monitored reliably. This can also be achieved with multi-side access protection using deflector mirrors. The photoelectric sensor is available with two, three or even four beams and, with an operating temperature range down to -30 °C, is also suitable for use in cold storage warehouses. The compact design of the small housing, as is already familiar from the deTec lines of sensors, makes it ideal for access protection along the racks. It is mounted and held securely in the device column supplied by SICK.

Through-beam photoelectric sensor for different heights

In addition to protecting access to the aisles, there are two other tasks that need to be continuously fulfilled. To detect the taller manned forklift trucks that also move within the aisles, and to protect the worker’s feet from ending up underneath the moving racks, several W18-3 sensors are installed at each aisle. Here, too, KREDIT is relying on tried-and-proven solutions.

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