Ski launches new lite yogurt

Yoghurt Company Ski has announced a new range of Ski D’Lite that contains 25 per cent less sugar. 
“We’ve been working hard to improve Ski D’Lite’s formulation to offer families a healthier, delicious way to start the day and we believe we’ve achieved this with the 25 per cent less range,” said Brent Whelan, Category Marketing Manager for Yoghurt at Fonterra. 
To celebrate the launch of the new 25 per cent less sugar formulation, Ski D’Lite has also released a new branded content campaign titled ‘Practically Perfect’.
The advertising campaign is targeted at ‘Practically Perfect’ mum whose job it is to juggle work, home, kids, social commitments and family.
The new Ski D’Lite provides a lower sugar content "unlike many other low fat flavoured yoghurt," the company said.

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