Sustainable, recyclable, light weight beer kegs hit US market

Lightweight Containers has launched UniKeg, a family of lightweight recyclable beer kegs that don’t require return transport. For the time being, these one-way kegs will only be produced and sold in the United States.

The fact that return transport is unnecessary means that these beer kegs save more than 60 per cent on transport, and consequently on CO2 emissions as well.

They feature an integrated standard Sankey D fitting and use an inner tube, called a spear, for dispensing the beverage. The barrier qualities for the beverage are provided by “scavengers” in the PET material integrated into the innermost container. The spear and the Sankey D fitting constitute the main difference between a UniKeg and a KeyKeg, which is fitted with the KeyKeg coupler and the laminated inner bag.

“UniKeg has benefitted from the expertise, R&D and know-how within Lightweight Containers, which enabled us to develop a high-quality concept and product. UniKeg gives our customers a new worthy alternative for developing successful product-price-market combinations,” said Jan Veenendaal, CEO of Lightweight Containers.

The beer kegs will be manufactured in the US and will be fitted with the US Sankey D coupling system. Production will begin in August 2016 in Joliet, Illinois.

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