SYSPRO gives back to the manufacturing sector

SYSPRO a provider of industry-built ERP software is stepping up to support the Asia Pacific manufacturing and distribution sector through the global pandemic and is showing its appreciation through a number of skills development initiatives.

Supporting customers through the pandemic
To support customers, for a limited time, SYSPRO is offering the opportunity to have free access to courses on the SYSPRO Learning Channel Plus platform. The SYSPRO Learning Channel Plus offers a list of courses for all SYSPRO users regardless of their role within an organisation. As further support for its customers, SYSPRO staff and partners will promote customer products through SYSPRO owned channels in APAC.

Bolstering the industry in preparation for the upturn
In order to bolster industry resilience, SYSPRO has kicked off an initiative to provide 500 recently unemployed individuals in the manufacturing and distribution sector with unlimited access to the online SYSPRO Learning Channel at no cost until the end of October.

This initiative aims to increase a candidate’s chance of being successful in today’s exceptionally competitive market adversely impacted by COVID-19.  S&P Global estimates that unemployment rates across Asia-Pacific could rise by well over three per cent, twice as large as the average recession. By applying, candidates will learn new skills and improve their knowledge of ERP and increase their chances of becoming more marketable.

“The impact of the pandemic has been felt by all sectors and industries globally. SYSPRO would like to take this opportunity to thank manufacturers and distributors around the region for continuing to work and support the economy. We hope that by offering skills development opportunities to the industry at large that we will bolster industry resilience in preparation for the upturn,” Rob Stummer, chief executive officer at SYSPRO APAC said.

How to apply for the initiative
As a global initiative, the SYSPRO ‘gives-back’ initiative for unemployed individuals is aimed at all of SYSPRO’s operating regions including the US, Canada, Africa, UK, Asia and Australasia. To qualify for this opportunity:

  1. The candidate must be currently unemployed and have recently lost their employment due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. The candidate must have work experience in the Manufacturing sector.
  3. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience working in one of SYSPRO’s Target Market industries ( please refer to below link for further details)
  4. Preference will be given to candidates who have ERP experience.
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