Byron Bay Cookie launches new Art Series

The Byron Bay Cookie Company is launching a new Art Series range to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Byron Bay Cookies being served on board QANTAS.

Qantas domestic passengers have been raving about the new Sour Cherry Cheesecake Cookie which combines juicy cherries and velvety cream cheese, whilst Qantas international passengers will soon get to taste the new Choc Pretzel & Pecan Cookie, taking inflight treats to new heights of indulgence.

Part of the new Art Series Collection, the dessert-inspired cookies also feature bold packaging design featuring unique artwork from Byron Bay graffiti artist Davey Mac, aka Teazer. The same artist was commissioned to create a large scale mural with custom graffiti art for the Byron Bay Cookie Company Gift Shop, a popular pit stop for cookie lovers visiting Byron Bay.

Emilie Emond, Marketing Manager for the Byron Bay Cookie Company explains: “It was important to celebrate the 15th anniversary of our partnership with Australia’s most iconic airline in a meaningful way. Packaging design is at the core of our brand’s image and working with Teazer has definitely enhanced our creative process, whilst allowing us to support a local artist.”

The convenient 40g pack size is served on board Qantas as part of Byron Bay Cookie Company’s ‘Snack Boxes’ which are available on selected domestic flights.

Arnott’s launches three new Tim Tam flavours

Arnott’s Tim Tam has collaborated with the chilled treat experts at Gelato Messina to create three new gelato inspired flavours; Choc Cherry Coconut, Iced Coffee and Turkish Delight.

Launching on Australia Day, the new Tim Tam range is best served like the delicious gelato that inspired them; chilled. Not only does putting these chocolatey treats in the fridge make them even more enjoyable to eat, the heat sensitive packaging they’re wrapped in also magically transforms when chilled as the writing turns from white to blue.

“After the huge success of the first range of Tim Tam by Gelato Messina we knew we couldn’t make this a one-off partnership,” said Claire Kesby-Smith, Tim Tam Marketing Manager.

“Tim Tam is Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit and with the help of the gelato experts we’ve created three new flavours best served straight from the fridge to keep Aussies cool as the temperatures rise this summer.”

Arnott’s opens new facility in Western Sydney

Biscuit maker Arnott’s has opened a $22 million Multi-Pack Centre at Huntingwood in Western Sydney.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian officially unveiled the facility which features state-of-the-art packaging lines.

“Arnott’s Biscuits is a much-loved Australian icon and has been operating in the country for more than 150 years,” Berejiklian said.

“The company employs more than 2,200 people, with 529 of them working at this worldclass facility in Huntingwood.

Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres says business confidence in Western Sydney is sky high meaning more local jobs, sustained growth and an improved standard of living for everyone across the State.

“When Western Sydney wins everyone benefits,” Mr Ayres said. “Jobs are set to boom in this region and we’re seeing some of the biggest names choose Western Sydney as home base.”

Campbell Arnott’s President Asia Pacific Ümit Subasi said the investment demonstrates Arnott’s commitment to manufacturing in Australia.

“The new Multi-Pack Centre will support further innovation in the products we develop for Australian consumers,” Subasi said.

“As a result of the $22 million investment, we have moved our popular snack-pack products into cardboard outers. The new outers are better for the environment, protect the biscuits more effectively and sit more neatly in pantries.”

David Jones, Byron Bay Cookie Company partner for charity

David Jones has announced a collaboration with the Byron Bay Cookie Company, launching a bespoke charity cookie as part of its national fundraising campaign for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF).

The Choc Chunk Charity Cookie is being sold at every David Jones point-of-sale until the 29th of May, $2 from the purchase of each cookie goes directly to ALNF to fund an Indigenous literacy program in Forster, New South Wales.

During the campaign, David Jones will also donate 10% of each book purchase to ALNF from 22nd to 29th May, and will accept direct donations from customers at any of their stores. All funds raised will go directly to ALNF to support the implementation one of their life- changing literacy programs at a disadvantaged preschool and long day care centre servicing the Indigenous community of Forster, NSW.

Commenting on the partnership, Bill Quayle, one of the owners of the Byron Bay Cookie Company said: “Every child has the right to learn to read and write. We hope that our partnership with David Jones will enable ALNF to carry out more work critical to addressing the literacy issues that affect these children. We encourage everyone to get behind this great cause, something as simple as a $3 cookie can change the lives of many.”

David Jones Ambassador Adam Goodes, who recently visited a preschool that has benefited from an ALNF Literacy Programs in Taree, said: “ALNF’s Literacy Programs are so important for the future education of these communities. ALNF creates positive systemic change by empowering in the adults in the community to help their own children, and those that follow. The partnership between David Jones and ALNF not only helps highlight the issue, but more importantly provides much needed funds to assist with the solution that ALNF provides.”

Tim Tam and Gelato Messina combine for new biscuit

Arnott’s Tim Tam has collaborated with Gelato Messina on a new range of gelato-inspired Tim Tam biscuit flavours.

Taking cues from the gelato flavours that have made Messina popular, the new range consists of four rich, whipped and creamy gelato-inspired Tim Tam biscuits including: Choc Mint, Salted Caramel & Vanilla, Coconut & Lychee and Black Forest.

In creating the new range, Tim Tam took the culinary team from Messina into the secret kitchens of its famed bakeries and taught the gelato chefs the art and science of Australia’s favourite biscuits.

After extensive testing and trialling, a full range of Tim Tam Inspired by Gelato Messina was born.

As part of the creative process, Messina spent hours at Tim Tam’s Western Sydney HQ, working with food technicians and tasting endless rounds of gelato, mapping out the sequence of the desired flavours to create the biscuit version of their signature scoops.

The new Tim Tam Inspired by Gelato Messina range will be available at supermarkets and independent retailers in the biscuit aisle nationally from 6th February, 2017.

Christmas fruit mince tarts and all butter shortbread

Fergys – Honest to Goodness Food has released a  range of artisan products available to retailers in time for Christmas.

Fergy’s Christmas fruit mince tarts and all butter shortbread are made from traditional recipes that have been handed down through the Ferguson family for generations.

“Our Christmas fruit mince tart recipe is especially unique,” said Michael Ferguson, CEO/Owner of Fergys Food. “It was created by my Great Grandmother in the 19th Century and continues to be enjoyed by our consumers to this very day.

“The manufacturing of our Christmas tarts is no easy feat either. Each tart is made by hand and we have eight qualified Pastry Chef’s working together to produce 4,000 each day in the lead up to Christmas.”

Each tart has a decadent fruit mix of sultanas, currants and apples with a hint of citrus which is encased in a rich buttery almond shortbread. Each tart is then topped with a star and a sprinkling of sugar to give it that extra special Christmas touch.

To complement the fruit mince tarts, Fergys Food has also released All Butter Shortbread Fingers. Also made with a traditional family recipe, each classic shortbread finger has a deliciously melt in your mouth buttery flavour and are a perfect accompaniment to your Christmas table.

Both products are now available from Aussie Farmers Direct, Independent Supermarkets & Specialty Grocers.


Jam ‘Doughkie’ cookie

Fresh off celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Byron Bay Cookie Company will be back at the Fine Food Show in Melbourne from 12-15 September, and will be releasing a new limited edition flavour exclusive to the food expo.

Inspired by the iconic Jam Doughnut, the limited-edition flavour developed by the pioneers behind Australia’s Original Café Cookie is a cross between a cookie and a doughnut, and as such aptly named Jam Doughkie.

“As Australia’s largest food expo, the Fine Food Show is the perfect platform for us to launch such a product, as it attracts visitors from different channels, across foodservice, hospitality and retail” explained Emilie Emond, Marketing Manager.

The special edition cookie combines real doughnut pieces with juicy strawberry jam inclusions, with a hole in the middle to complete the ‘doughkie’ look.

The new cookie is only available at the Fine Food Show at the Byron Bay Cookie Company Stand from 12-15 September, where free samples will be handed out. Visitors of the Byron Bay Cookie Company stand (G35) will also be able to enjoy a complimentary coffee with their Jam Doughkie, thanks to Melbourne’s Evoke Coffee blend.

Arnott’s bows to popular demand, brings back original Pizza Shapes

Arnott’s has succumbed to the backlash which followed the changed flavours of its ‘Shapes’ biscuits and will bring four original flavours, including Original Pizza Shapes back to supermarket shelves this month.

The well-known biscuits were reformulated with stronger flavours in April as the company did away with the original varieties. However, negative reaction to the change on social media and elsewhere has forced a rethink.

“Since the launch of the New Shapes flavours, we’ve been listening to feedback. Aussies have clearly shown us the love they have for Original Pizza Shapes and we’re happy to announce the product will be returning to shelves over the coming weeks,” said a spokesperson for Arnott’s.

“We’ve been humbled by Australia’s passion for Shapes and would like to thank our fans for their patience. We hope to now have the best Shapes range for Shapes-lovers old and new.”

The updated Shapes portfolio will now boast four Original favourites: Original Pizza, Original Barbecue, Original Chicken Crimpy, and Original Savoury.

In addition, the following six new flavour variants will also remain available: Barbecue, Pizza, Cheddar, Cheese and Bacon, Nacho Cheese, and Roast Chicken.

Charlie’s Artisan Cafe Cookies

Manufacturer Charlie’s Cookies
Launch date March 2016
The range includes 5 key flavours made with more of what matters :
Choc Raisin, Wholegrain Oats, Raisins, Coconut & Dark Couverture Chocolate (54% Cocoa).
White Choc Apricot; Wholegrain Oats, Coconut, Sundried Apricots, Honey & White Couverture Chocolate.
Choc Granola; Wholegrain Granola, Quinoa Flakes, Chia, Pepita, Sunflower & Linseeds, Honey & Dark Couverture Chocolate (54% Cocoa).
Choc Salted Caramel; Wholegrain Oats, Caramel Fudge Pieces, Sea Salt Flakes & Dark Couverture Chocolate (54% Cocoa).
Choc Oat Smarty; Wholegrain Oats, Coconut, Dark Couverture Chocolate & Natural Coloured Smarties.
Shelf Life 9 months
Packaging Option for individually wrapped or foodservice option for cafe jars.
Product Manager Jacky Magid
Country of origin Australia
Brand Website
This newly created collection is packed with real ingredients and made from scratch. The collection offers an assortment of old favourites and contemporary new flavours that are definitely taste bud teasers. The range boasts a roll-call of wholesome superfood ingredients; Wholegrain Oats, Chia, Quinoa Flakes, Pepita, Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds, Honey, Raisins, Coconut, Dark Couverture Chocolate and even Natural Coloured Smarties for the kid in all of us.

This Australian owned and made collection is designed specifically for Cafes looking for innovative, wholesome and delicious biscuit solutions in both a jar style cookie or a grab & go portion pack. The range includes flavour profiles and ingredients that they themselves would use if they were to bake them in-house.

Arnott’s revamps classic Shapes flavours

One of Australia’s favourite snacks has received an upgrade, with Arnott’s improving the flavour quality of their existing Shapes biscuit range.

Based on consumer feedback, Arnott’s resolved to add more flavour to their biscuits by baking the flavour into the centre of the biscuit, as well as coating both sides of the biscuit. The flavour particles were also made smaller than ever, allowing them to stick more easily to the biscuits, according to the company.

Along with a more powerful flavour, the new biscuits also have higher health ratings, ranging from two to three health stars.

With many consumers concerned about the replacement of the classic flavours, the company has stated that their best-selling flavours (Original Barbecue, Chicken Crimpy and Savoury) will remain unchanged and be sold alongside the new versions.

Available from the new range are flavours Barbecue, Pizza, Cheddar, Bacon, Nacho Cheese, Roast Chicken and Hot Dog.

Image: Herald Sun

Oreo releases Oreo Thins

Oreo has released a new cookie, Oreo Thins – a thin and crispy new take on an Oreo favourite.

Measuring just 7mm thin in diameter – thinner than a pencil, a tablet and a chopstick – the new Oreo Thins is the most significant innovation for the brand to date.

Available in three flavours, Vanilla, Tiramisu and Lemon, each 104g pack provides two bitesized packets containing seven cookies. Following the successful launches in the USA and China, this ‘thinnovation’ will be a permanent addition to the Australian Oreo cookie portfolio.

Sara Black, Senior Marketing Manager Oreo at Mondelez Australia said, “We’re excited to introduce Oreo Thins to Australian cookie lovers. Oreo has grown 19.8% in the Australian market within the last year, so we believe our fans will love this new crisp and delicate texture of Oreo Thins.”

The launch of Oreo Thins is supported by TV, PR and influencer engagement, digital and a direct-to-consumer activation.

Oreo Thins will be available on shelves nationwide from today.

Its Tim Tams at 10 paces: Round 1 goes to Arnotts

According to a number of media reports, Coles has lost Round 1 in its Mexican standoff with Campbell Arnott's, with the supermarket giant accepting price rises on dozens of products after the biscuit maker held its much-loved Tims Tams hostage.

Campbell Arnott's warned Coles earlier this year that due to increased production costs, it planned to lift its prices by between two and 10 per cent on a range of common biscuit snacks, including Tim Tams, Scotch Fingers, and Monte Carlo biscuits.

In what could only be described as crumbling in the face of a more powerful brand, Coles had little choice but to accept Arnotts's demands.

A Coles spokesperson said: “Coles has made a commitment to bring down the cost of shopping for our customers, and we have been doing that every year for the past six years.”

“So when a major international manufacturer decides they will unilaterally force through a price hike without justification, we will resist that.”

This chocolate-encrusted standoff lasted for almost two weeks before Coles caved in and agreed to pay an increased price on 44 Arnott's biscuit lines.

However the bean counters at Arnotts didn’t have it all their own way as Coles has refused to pay more for 14 other products, which have since been removed from its shelves. 

This includes six varieties of Tim Tams, including a range of flavours designed by Adriano Zumbo as well as other well-known Arnott’s biscuit varieties.

“Our average family shopper spends around $150 per week on food and groceries, and they don’t have the spare cash laying around to give to Campbell’s-Arnotts every time they decide to put their prices up,” noted the spokesperson in an attempt to explain this move.

So while Arnott’s may have won this round, the fact remains that Coles has also used the power of its brand and shelf space to show the biscuit maker that it will not tolerate being held to ransom.

The deleted biscuit lines are:
Tim Tam Zumbo Coconut Cream 165 gram
Tim Tam Zumbo Choc Raspberry 165 gram
Tim Tam Zumbo Salted Caramel 171 gram
Chocolicious Tim Tam Multipack: Caramel 191 gram
Chocolicious Tim Tam Multipack: Dark 187 gram
Chocolicious Tim Tam Multipack: Original 187 gram
Twisted Faves Monte Carlo: Salted Caramel 250 gram
Twisted Faves Shortbread: Strawberry Cream 250 gram
Arnott's Chocolate Biscuits: Royal Dark 200 gram
Arnott's Cheeseboard


Mondelez International announces official partnership with the AOC


In what could be considered a natural fit – supplying athletes with energy-laden products, Mondelez International is now the official chocolate, candy, biscuits and spreads partner of the Australian Olympic Team (AOC), through brands including Cadbury, The Natural Confectionary Company, Oreo, Ritz, Vegemite and Kraft Peanut Butter.   

We’re absolutely thrilled to support the Australian Olympic Team – as a country and as a company,” said Amanda Banfield, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand, Mondelez International. “Our brands bring joy to millions of Australians every single day and we are looking forward to our exciting partnership and celebrating our Australian Olympians competing at this iconic sporting event”. 

Fiona de Jong, Chief Executive of the Australian Olympic Committee, said “The Australian Olympic Committee relies on the generosity of corporate Australia to send our Australian Olympic Team to Rio 2016. In this partnership we have a very real, collaborative opportunity to make Olympic dreams come true for our young and talented Australian athletes, and help bring joy to their accomplishments”.