Aussie cocktails delivered to the door

As Australia’s bar industry reels from COVID-19 lockdowns, a Melbourne entrepreneur is supporting local distillers one cocktail at a time.

Mel How has established The Cocktail Shop to support Australia’s incredible distillers, giving home cocktail makers a taste of the best local brands in easy-to-make cocktail kits delivered to your door.

“Every alcohol and drink product in my cocktail kits are sourced in Australia,” Mel says.

“The more hyper-local, the better, which is why most of my suppliers are from Melbourne.”

The Cocktail Shop distillers include Maidenii, Melbourne Moonshine, MeMo Gin, Mister Bitters, Imbue Distillery, and other such well-known local brands, supplying gin, whisky, vermouth and bitters.

Mel is also supporting local hospitality by selling batched and bottled cocktails by Melbourne’s BarNone.

“By choosing local artisan distilleries and drink makers to supply The Cocktail Shop, we are supporting local jobs, keeping our environmental impact low, and contributing to the Australian economy,” Mel says.

“If you have some of the World’s best distilleries at your doorstep, why would you buy liquor from overseas?

“There are so many wonderful local producers out there. Being a new business, we have only scratched the surface, but I want to work with as many of them as possible as we create more innovative cocktail packs.”

The Cocktail Shop gives consumers a way to make bar quality cocktails at home and sample a variety of local alcohol products without having to purchase multiple bottles of expensive alcohol.

Customers choose their favourite cocktail and it’s delivered to them in a cute little box, which contains all the liquid ingredients to make around four cocktails, as well as a recipe card and garnishes.

They can also view videos directly on the site that give simple instructions to make bar quality cocktails at ho

First Fairtrade Certified Goji Liqueur available for the summer

Noble Spirits has released the Goji Spritz: a summer cocktail that is low in sugar and will return partial profits to farmers and local development programs. This is made with FAIR Goji, a Fairtrade Certified Goji Liqueur.The Goji Spritz is set to be launched by FAIR Goji at Vino Paradiso over the weekend, as part of a repackaging campaign for a ‘Sustainable Summer’.

According to Australian based spirit and wine importer Noble Spirits, “Australian consumers are becoming much more discerning and concerned about what they drink. There is clearly an increasing demand for more authentic drinks that bring a positive impact to the people or to the community.”

“Everything in the Goji Spritz is made from organic high quality raw materials, gluten-free, Fair Trade certified. It is a high quality spritz that offers cranberry, cherry and plum that add a unique element to modern cocktails,” the importer said.

FAIR Goji has received positive feedback from consumers and mixologists, with expectations from the company to be the latest source of inspirations for healthy, fresh and unique cocktails.