On The Shelf

Tasty dessert with health benefits

These dessert-inspired yoghurts from Hansells can be made freshly from home and are available in three new flavours – Apple & Berry Crumble, Banoffee Pie and Lemon Tart.

These dessert yoghurts are a tasty after dinner treat and make a great companion for any dessert. They are easy to make (and can be made in any yoghurt maker), with up to eight servings every time.

And because you make them fresh, the yoghurts are packed with live and active cultures, which are good for maintaining a healthy inside (the fresher the yoghurt, the more culture it contains and you can’t get fresher than homemade yoghurt).

Pop some yoghurt on your cereal in the morning for a tasty addition to your breakfast, take some to work to help you through the 3pm slump, or layer fruit and yoghurt in a jar to create a deconstructed style of dessert.

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