Tennant ride-on cleaning range has hands-on local support

Keeping a food and beverage processing plant clean is an important part of the manufacturing process. One company that specialises in this area is Tennant Australia, which offers an array of floor care solutions that it has been delivering to the food and beverage sector since 1976. As well as its range of floor scrubbers and sweepers, it has floor coatings systems and machine technologies to make sure plant and equipment meet Australian and New Zealand health and safety standards. This includes:

• Ech2O NanoClean offers detergent-free cleaning that reduces water consumption by up to 70 per cent, as well as chemical usage.
• IRIS Data Manager, which allows customers to use data to make decisions and make sure their fleet is being utilised property. If a customer has fleets of units throughout the country, this allows them to remotely see the status of these machines, who’s using what machine (and when), monitoring machine performance and maintenance needs, and calculating the costs per machine.

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One of the benefits of dealing directly with a manufacturer is that companies can purchase, rent or lease directly from Tennant depending on their business needs.

Another benefit is that Tennant offers a nationally backed Factory Direct service program – it has 40 plus technicians across the country that look after customer needs. Regular servicing reduces the likelihood of unplanned downtime, identifies potential problems before they become major, and helps a facility’s machines perform optimally. All of these benefits can help reduce the ongoing cost of ownership. The company also has a national strategic account team at all of its locations across Australia and NZ to help customers with centralised pricing and servicing components.

Tennant has a large rental fleet that starts with the smaller-sized T300 walk behind floor scrubber through to a large M30 sweeper-scrubber combo machine that can cover over 10,500m2 per hour. There is also a range of floor sweepers starting with a S10 walk behind sweeper to a larger Sentinel industrial high-performance rider.

The company recently won a national rental deal with one of Australia’s largest national bottlers of ready-to-drink beverages that is currently being rolled out.

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