tna launches new automated continuous slurry mixing system

Food seasoning and packaging solutions company, tna has announced the launch of its latest innovation for the snacking industry, the tna intelli-flav CLS 3  automated continuous slurry mixing and application system.

The system is designed for salty snacks, baked snacks and extruded products that require slurry flavouring in a tumble drum.

The system’s unique spraying technology and control ensures consistency of application to the snacks, and the 3 closed-loop slurry (CLS) seasoning system enhances the homogeneity of the slurry mix.

The system is fully automated, reducing the need for dedicated labour while also simplifying the production process.

“Our new tna intelli-flav CLS 3 delivers on seasoning performance and design simplicity for ease of use. Plus, as it can alter both liquid and dry powder proportions for specific recipe variations, it offers the flexibility and control that manufacturers need,” said David Woollard, seasoning group sales manager – tna.

“For the best results, the new CLS system should be combined with our main line seasoning system, the tna intelli-flav MLS, to ensure snack products are delivered into the tumbling seasoning bed with minimum waste and product damage.”


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