Toblerone’s confusing labelling lands it on Choice Shonky List

There’s a lot of debate around lately about the labelling laws in Australia, but Toblerone really takes the cake with its strange claims, which made it the only food product to make it onto Choice’s Shonky Awards 2012 list.

The 400 gram bar of the famous Swiss chocolate says on the label that there are 16 serves of deliciousness inside. But there are actually on 15 pieces!

The consumer watchdog was baffled by the labelling but maintained their sense of humour about the head-scratching portion sizes.

“Picture, if you will, a gathering of 16 people, ready to tuck into their 400g bar of Toblerone, which conveniently contains 16 serves – according to the packet,” the Choice report says.

“But as servee number 15 takes the last pyramidal piece, a problem becomes apparent: 16 serves but only 15 pieces.

“Clearly this logistical nightmare of mountainous portions can only be solved by breaking out the Swiss Army knife (which is why they were invented*), cutting one-sixteenth off every single piece and giving the resultant nougaty-chocolate crumb collection to the sweetless sixteenth.

“Either that, or it’s all-out chocolate war.”

The 200g range has 15 pieces and 8 serves, the 50g has 11 pieces and 2 serves, neither of which can be divided equally easily.

“Yep, it’s as cuckoo as a clock!” Choice says.

“But still we buy them, leaving Herr Tobler yodelling all the way to the Swiss bank.
“Only the 100g mountain range can be divided in the sane, diplomatically neutral and mathematically pleasing manner of which we might imagine the Swiss would be proud, having 12 pieces and 4 serves.

“No knives, no war, no crumbs.”

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