Top of the line industrial plastics

Plastics play a critical role in modern food and beverage manufacturing operations. Among their many applications, they are designed to make components used in feed scrolls, star wheels for packing equipment, and machined components for fillers and mechanical mechanisms.

However, plastics are not all the same. In industrial contexts, choosing the right plastic material for a given application can be a complex task. Due to their amorphous or semi-crystalline nature, plastics have different properties to metals and as such require a different approach when designing for a particular application.

E-Plas has the expertise to advise food and beverage manufacturing businesses on the most suitable material for their specific applications. The company has the right combination of experience, expertise and customer service to deliver the right products at the right price.

Established in 1981, E-Plas has branches in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Its head office, Victorian sales department and manufacturing department are all in Melbourne.
“We offer in-house machining and fabrication facilities. We have a full range of engineering-grade plastics, with an increasing range of enhanced material grades to meet the increasing demand on efficiency for modern business,” Sean Kelly, E-Plas national operations manager told Food & Beverage Industry News. “Our products offer improved operations, with an overall reduction in cost of ownership.”

So, for example, if an FMCG maker needed guarding to protect its employees from packaging machinery, E-Plas would be able to visit the site, view the application and recommend polycarbonate as the best product for the job.

According to Kelly, the company is continually drawing on product development and implementations that take place globally, and then applying this information to bring new products to the Australian market. “This allows or customers to maintain their systems with OEM quality materials,” he said.

E-Plas works closely with well-known international suppliers, including Quadrant EPP, Rochling Sustaplast, Guarniflon and Spartech Corporation to provide support and advice on complex project material requirements in the food and beverage manufacturing sector.
“As a long standing supplier of engineering grade plastics to the Australian market, E-Plas is a proven business partner for commercial solutions,” said Kelly.

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