Traces of weedkiller found in German beer

Traces of a well-known weedkiller ingredient, glyphosate has been found in Germany's 14 most popular beers, according to a German environmental group.

Reuters reports that researchers from the Munich Environmental Institute tested the beers and found that all contained levels of glyphosate above the 0.1 microgram limit allowed in German drinking water.

The beer with the highest trace level was Hasseroeder, a beer brewed in Saxony-Anhalt in eastern Germany, which had 29.74 micrograms a litre; while the beverage with the lowest level was Augustiner, a Munich-made beer, with 0.46 micrograms a litre.

Germany's Federal Institute for Risk Assessment pointed out that the results do not represent a risk to public health.

"An adult would have to drink around 1000 litres of beer a day to ingest enough quantities to be harmful for health," it said in a statement.

Glyphosate is found in the well-known weed killer, Roundup. The World Health Organisation's cancer research committee has said glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans.

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