Two new flavoured coffees from Nespresso

B2B Espresso Vanilla_front

Nespresso has introduced two new coffees to its Professional range following consumer demand – allowing restaurants and hotels to offer patrons more choice when it comes to the flavours of coffee they can offer. The two new coffees, Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla, will form part of a permanent line of flavoured coffee, extending the Professional range to a total of 13 varieties.

Following the success of flavoured coffees in the in-home market, Nespresso is making them available to Professional customers across the hotel, restaurant, business and office sectors so consumers can enjoy their favourite coffee wherever they are. This comes off the back of an international study by Harris International that found 61 percent of Australian respondents wanted to be offered new and exciting flavours. Australians favoured Vanilla and Caramel and Nespresso has responded by adding more variety and choice to the Professional Grands Crus range.

Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla are based on Espresso Forte with an intensity of seven. Consumers will be able to experience the silky flavour of Espresso Vanilla, which has a full and slightly caramelised aroma of vanilla combined with the complex Espresso Forte profile. Espresso Vanilla can also be enjoyed with milk for softer notes, evoking thoughts of vanilla-scented pastries.

On the other hand, the sweet caramel flavour of Espresso Caramel mellows the roasted notes of Espresso Forte creating a pleasant coffee reminiscent of the browning of sugar. For those who prefer a latte or flat white, add milk to unveil hidden cocoa and nutty notes.

During the warmer months, both Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla are the perfect options for iced coffee recipes.