UK retailers move to recycle plastic films

Posted by Rita Mu

UK supermarkets will begin recycling thin plastic packaging such as bread bags and cereal liners under the On Pack Recycling Label scheme.

Currently, there are more than 4500 recycling bins for plastic bags at supermarkets across the UK, according to The Packaging and Film Association (PAFA).

The move to recycle plastic films will prevent up to 650,000 tonnes of plastic packaging going to landfill, according to a report by Foodproductiondaily.com.

“Plastic film packaging helps save food waste by protecting and preserving products and we have always had the technology to recycle it,” said Barry Turner, Chief Executive of PAFA. “Now, through this initiative by major retailers, the consumer has a real opportunity to boost plastic film recycling by placing film wrappings.

Turner said the new initiative by UK retailers was a major step in killing the myth that plastic films could not be recycled.

“In spite of the fact that local authorities are reluctant to collect thin packaging films from households or at the kerbside, this retailer initiative now means that the opportunity to recover the value from lightweight protective plastic film is within everyone’s reach,” Turner said.

“This will be a major step in killing the long-standing myth that plastic films cannot be recycled. In fact such packaging can now be viewed as a ‘borrowed resource’ which is easily converted into other useful products after it has served its initial purpose of protecting goods throughout the supply chain into the home.”

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