Usain Bolt brings new hot sauce to Australia

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Superstar sprinter Usain Bolt has teamed up with Coles supermarkets to create a line of hot sauces launching this week across Australia.

Rolling out in Coles supermarkets, the release of the line marks the first time Bolt has collaborated with a supermarket to develop a product.

Usain’s Insane Hot Sauce is available in three fiery flavours, all inspired by family recipes – Mango & Three Chilli, Pineapple & Jamaican Spice and Original Jamaican Spice.

The sprinter said the range was created to celebrate his passion for spicy food and bring a touch of Caribbean heat to everyday dishes.

“As I travelled the world I realised that Caribbean food was not readily  available outside places like the US, and I wanted to bring these special flavours to Australia,” he said.

“I love coming to Australia and have visited many times, so I wanted to develop a product that lets Australians experience real Caribbean flavours. The sauces can be added to anything, from chicken, pork or beef, to potatoes and rice to give any dish a true Jamaican twist.

“Thanks to Coles, these sauces are my first product to hit supermarkets and I hope people like it.”

Coles Chief Customer Officer, Simon McDowell, said the retailer was ecstatic to extend its relationship with Usain Bolt after he was recently announced as a Coles Sports for Schools ambassador.

“This partnership has been very exciting for us and for our customers. Not only are we bringing new and innovative products to our customers, we’ve been able to develop the products in collaboration with much-loved local Aussie supplier, MON Natural Foods.

“We are committed to supporting local businesses, so we are proud have MON Natural Foods on board to produce Usain’s hot sauces for our customers to try,” he said.

MON Natural FoodsBusiness Manager, Joshua Green said his team maintained a strong commitment to investing in locally sourced products since the family took over the business in 2012.

“We are excited to be partnering with Coles and Usain on these exciting new products which use as many Australian ingredients as possible,” he said.

“Thanks to our growing partnership with Coles we have doubled our production over the last three years, meaning we’ve been able to increase our local workforce from 30 to over 55 people.”