On The Shelf

Vetta Smart Pasta

Product name: Vetta Smart Pasta Cholesterol Lowering Spaghetti

Product manufacturer: Rinoldi Pasta

Ingredients: Durum Wheat, Soluble Oat Fibre (Beta Glucan)

Shelf life: 24 months

Packaging: flexible

Product manager: Emilie Emond

Brand website: https://www.vettapasta.com.au

What the company says
Vetta is proud to announce the launch of its new Smart Pasta range.

Vetta’s innovative new Smart Pasta range features the only pasta on Australian supermarket shelves to provide consumers with a cholesterol lowering option that looks and tastes the same as standard white pasta.

Healthier for you, with the same great premium taste as regular white pasta, Vetta’s new Smart Pasta range is guaranteed to please all health-conscious pasta lovers, as well as those who might have been avoiding pasta for dietary reasons. As such Vetta Smart Pasta allows you to enjoy your favourite pasta meals – the healthier way!

Nutritionists and medical practitioners are the first to highlight the importance of a balanced diet, and there has been much said about the health benefits of maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, with high levels of bad cholesterol leading to higher risk of heart disease.

Using only the finest quality Australian Durum Wheat, and made using authentic Italian pasta-making techniques, Vetta Smart Pasta Cholesterol Lowering Pasta is available in Spirals and traditional Spaghetti, meaning there’s something for everyone!

Vetta Smart Pasta has been available in Woolworths supermarkets nationally since October 2013, as well as selected IGA and FoodWorks supermarkets.

Produced in Victoria by Rinoldi Pasta, a family-owned business established in 1878, and Australia’s oldest pasta manufacturers, Vetta is Rinoldi’s largest brand of consumer pasta.

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