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Water Buddies

Product name: Water Buddies Just Like Lemonade Glow in the Dark

Product manufacturer: MMC Tradelink Ltd

Ingredients: Pure NZ Spring water, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and containing just 1.8% sugar

Shelf life: Six months

Packaging: Plastic bottle with unique glow in the dark ink printing

Product manager: Sian Leonard

Brand Website: www.drinkwaterbuddies.com

What the company says
Water Buddies contains 80 percent less sugar than some fruit juices and, unlike other popular children’s beverages that are laden with sugar, they have nothing to hide, so Aussie kids can hydrate with Water Buddies at any time of the day.

Already a huge success with the original four flavours distributed nationally through Woolworths, independent supermarkets as well as BP service stations nationally, the new Water Buddies flavour and bottle feature a unique glow in the dark bottle!

Featuring a new character – Ollie Orbit – and a splash of lemonade flavour, the new Just Like Lemonade variant will retail for $1.99 RRP (300ml).

The bottle also features a clear porthole window showing the water inside, a feature to now be incorporated on all Water Buddies bottles.


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