Weis Bars set for China push

According to a report in Toowoomba Chronicle, ice cream bar maker Weis is planning a staggered push into the Chinese market.

The Toowoomba-based company employs almost 100 staff and has been exporting their iconic summer frozen fruit bars to Japan for more than 20 years.

Some 30 per cent of its business is outside Australia and co-owner Julie Weis said the company was looking to further grow its export business.

"We got to a point where our export markets, particularly in the US, took off faster than expected and any excess capacity in our plant was gone," she said.

"We were contained – until we did an expansion at our factory and got equipment in place.”

"That's finished and now we'll be going aggressively to find new markets for our product."

The company said it was focusing on certain regions of China as the next big market.

“That’s going to be our big push over the next five years," Ms Weis said.

Les Weis succeeded his father in 1957, when Weis bars was known as Fruitos and built it into the Australian icon it is today.

Julie and her brother Peter took over the company 20 years ago, and in that time, the duo has turned the company into one of the biggest employers in Toowoomba.