Wikicells Opens First Outlet Selling Food Packaged in Edible Skin

Edible packaging company Wikicells has opened its first store.

Earlier this year we reported on Wikicell Designs and their development of a revolutionary new food packaging inspired by fruit’s edible skin, with the company recently announcing plans to open their first outlet.

Wikicell’sdeveloped their technolgy to change the face of food packaging, and will demonstrate it with a small snack bar next to the Musee de Louvre in Paris, slated to open in March 2013.

A second outlet is slated to follow, opening near the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The Massachusetts-based start-up worked with a Paris-based firm to try and mimic natural foods, such as grapes and apples, which are protected by an edible skin.

Some of their inventions include bite-size cheeses and yoghurt balls encased in the 100% biodegradable skin, which could potentially deliver additional health benefits.

A spokesman for the company told FoodProductionDaily that “the membrane adds taste and vitamins to the product”, and was conceived as a reaction to the over-packaging of foods and the huge amount of waste this creates, most of which ends up as landfill.

“Today it has gone so far that is has become a real problem.  Now the technology has become available to create a new kind of packaging.”

The company is looking to extend their vision to a huge range of products, including ice cream and even cocktails enveloped in the edible skins and has generated a huge amount of interest, winning the Special Jury Award for Innovation Given at the SIAL 2012 International Food Conference and securing $10 million in investment capital.

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