Woolworths fast food court opposed by residents, Heart Foundation

Plans by supermarket giant Woolworths to develop a centre food court for fast food chains is facing opposition from local residents and the Heart Foundation.

Woolworths wants to develop a 121-seat food court in the new Woolworths complex in Western Australia’s Margaret River.

Woolworths said in a statement that the food court would be a “necessary” change to allow bakery products, hot food, and a fish and chips store in the centre.

But the residents are not happy about the potential development, with 350 submissions arguing against the proposal already received.

Some argue that the coastal town known for its wineries, fresh produce, high quality dairy and, which make it a prime tourist and retirement destination would be ruined by the fast food court.

The WA Heart Foundation has also offered its support to the submissions from residents opposing the Woolworths food court, saying the proposed location is too close to the local primary school.

“While fast food is unhealthy at any stage of life, young children are targeted by junk food marketing and should be educated about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle,” Swanson said.

The Heart Foundation WA has also issued a statement urging people from Western Australia to boycott the fast food plans by the supermarket giant.

Western Australia has the highest proportion of overweight and obese people in Australia, with almost 70 per cent of adults overweight or obese according to Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) statistics obtained by WA Heart Foundation.

The Woolworths full proposal is expected to be considered by the Margaret River council before the start of 2013.

What do you think of the proposal? Do Woolworths have a responsibility to look after customer's health?

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