Woolworths issues recall of Macro raw food bars

Supermarket giant Woolworths has issued a national recall of two of its Macro Wholefoods Market Raw Food Bars.

All batches and best before dates of the Chocolate Flavoured 50g, and the Chocolate and Mint Flavoured 50g Macro Wholefoods Market Raw Food Bars may contain traces of peanuts, posing a possible threat to customers with a peanut allergy if consumed.

The products have been sold in Woolworths, Safeway and Thomas Dux stores nationally.

The recall of the Macro Raw Food Bars marks the second national recall within the Macro range this month. On 1 October, Woolworths recalled its range of Macro nut spreads due to undeclared traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

The supermarket giant also issued a recall for its Homebrand Beef Mince Regular 500g on 26 September due to the possibility that the product could contain soft blue food grade plastic fragments.



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