Young Henrys Brewing Company collaborates on new beer

Young Henrys Brewing Company has announced a limited release collaboration with Adelaide restaurant Africola and head chef Duncan Welgemoed.

Young Henrys brewer Hamish MacKenzie was tasked with creating a unique combination of hops, malt and water and bringing the collaboration to life.

Throwing clay ideas onto his 6000 litre potting wheel full of wort, MacKenzie spun the traits of the big, bold South African chef Welgemoed into a spicy, bold and citric, Young Henrys IPA.

The limited release beer —the Africola Rock ’n’ Rola—is a rich, dark amber brew with all the hallmarks of a stone cold classic.

From a citrus hop explosion intro on the nose, to a fruity flavor sliding its chorus across your tongue, to an outro of alcoholic warmth, which hits you like a punch from velvet gloved fist.

“’Duncan has the madness of mind and the rock n roll spirit that we love to be around,” said Young Henrys co-owner Oscar McMahon of the collaboration.

“He’s also a bloody good cook who doesn’t mind the occasional one or two. After we met him we knew we’d have to do a beer together sometime…”

Africola Rock ‘N’ Rola launched last week at Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival and will be available for a limited time.

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