Zacpac opens $25m manufacturing facility

Zacpac has unveiled a $25m manufacturing facility in Stapylton, near Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The facility stretched over 8,000sqm and will significantly expand the company’s production of its corrugated packaging, litho laminated packaging, and litho cartons when it is fully operational in early 2015.

The factory is now operational, while the management offices are still under construction. By the end of this year, the new production hub will employ 30 people.

Director John Zac hopes to employ more than 100 in the following year, while increasing production and services from northern NSW to North Queensland.

One of the first machines to go into the Stapylton stable, a BCS Autobox automated custom box maker supplied by DES, is now firing out boxes in runs as short as one.

The Autobox can manufacture boxes in any size or shape that the customer requires – from a small cupcake box up to a double sized fridge. It shifts from one style or size to another automatically, and starts producing straight away.

The new production hub will complement the company’s existing distribution warehouse on the Gold Coast and shorten turnaround times for customers based as far north as Cairns. The company has grown by more than 30 percent year on year over the last three years, after enticing some major multinational clients in the food and beverage, personal care, and wine markets.

Director John Zac said “The latest expansion is all about living up to new clients’ expectations while maintaining service for our existing customers.

“As we introduce a new machine, we install it and get it up and running. So we are slowly adding the next machine, and the next, and so on, to get production going at the new site. A project like this does not happen overnight. We will begin employing new staff as we add new machinery, and with each new machine we install, we will need more people at the company, thus creating more jobs.

“The machine suits the company’s focus on shorter runs, which sets them apart from larger competitors who accept only high volume, high output jobs. As well as our big multinational clients, our customers also include mum and dad businesses working out of rental factories, who may only order 150-200 boxes at a time.

“While our machines are also high speed and high output, we go shopping for specific equipment like the Autobox to serve shorter runs. Even with our high-speed machines we can produce runs of just 250 boxes. Our opposition’s minimum is more like 2500.”


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